MoeNavigator builds again - with Qt5

I have migrated MoeNavigator from Qt4 to Qt5 so that it can be build more easy on current GNU/Linux distributions. As QtWebKit has been replaced with QWebView, which uses Chromium as base, MoeNavigator doesn't support WebKit anymore and will only support MoeNavigatorEngine at the moment. The consequences of this is that web pages with more than one line of text cannot be read since MoeNavigatorEngine places each text line above the previous one (see the screenshot from above). Another consequence is that only HTTP works while accessing HTTPS URLs will crash the browser. Since HTTPS is the default, this means you have to manually type in "http://" every time. Adding HTTPS support to MoeNavigatorEngine is definetly something that will be done once a TLS library has been selected. All settings in MoeNavigator have also been disabled since it is not yet possible to apply them in MoeNavigatorEngine.

You can download the (GPLv3 licensed) source code of MoeNavigator on Codeberg:

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