Chromium, aka Google, just keeps proposing new standards to make the web less private and secure for users. We need to find a way to stop this.

Allow JavaScript to make direct TCP and UDP connections? Sure!

Packaging up an entire website into a file so individual ads can't be blocked? Also sure!

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From the perspective of the MoeNavigator/MoeNavigatorEngine projects:

If a JavaScript implementation would exist in MoeNavigatorEngine, it could easily given access to the raw Request class to make such direct requests. Resource blocking would still be a problem, since such blocking plugins that act as a network middleware could only block by looking at the domain and port. The problem with unblockable connections would also exist in MoeNavigator/MoeNavigatorEngine. After reading the article about WebBundles, I think that those won't be implemented in MoeNavigator/MoeNavigatorEngine. This could mean that MoeNavigator/MoeNavigatorEngine might only support the "legacy web" (the web we know today), but that's fine with me, especially when the browser is more secure by not implementing hipster or ad company bullshit.