DIY Walkman attempt

Using this cassette drive in a car radio case, I'm attempting to build my own walkman / portable cassette player out of it. The goal is to get a portable cassette player that is serviceable and extendable using modular electronic circuits connected using standardised interfaces. The tape drive itself follows the KISS principle (simple clutch) and has many metal parts so that mechanical failures are very unlikely.

This is the plan for developing the electronic circuits:

- Step 1: Amplifier circuit with 3.5mm jack using the built-in potentiometer.
- Step 2: Advanced motor control circuit, including different tape speeds using the former radio band selection switch.
- Step 3: Digital motor speed control by using a 19 kHz pilote tone on the tape and/or motor rpm measurement.
- Step 4: Digital stream playback and/or tape recording circuit, if possible

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