Stalinism in a nutshell

1. The leader and their party is always right.
2. Trust the leader and show them that you are trustworthy: Have nothing to hide in front of them or their officers.
3. The leader doesn't make errors. If a vision of the leader fails, others are to blame: Foreign agents or „uneducated“ people for example.
4. If you are against the leader, you must be a foreign agent or brainwashed by a foreign power. Re-educate yourself in one of the education facilities.
5. Be patriotic: Your country is the greatest. The leader said it and because of rule 1, it is true.
6. The leader knows all about marxism. No need to read the works of Marx, Engels, Lenin and Trotzky yourself. Just read the leader's books.
7. If the leader restores capitalism, they have a good reason for it.
8. If the leader removes workers rights, they also have a good reason for it.
9. If the leader bans strikes and demonstrations, they have a good reason for it, too.
10. If the leader attacks another country, it is to protect the fatherland from counter-revolutionaries.
11. Read these rules over and over again and feel the love that the leader embodied in these rules.

These rules can also apply to maoism, which is just a chinese variant of stalinism. Both have nothing to do with socialism since they reject the idea that the working class is a revolutionary force that can run countries all by itself.

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