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Drum'n'Bass Summer Sunset Compilation

When the sun is setting on a summer day, enjoy the following tracks while being in the nature or somewhere else outside. Compiled to fit on a C60 compact cassette:

Side 1:

1. Emba, BCee & Philippa Hanna - Galaxy
2. Seba - Under The Sun (Original Mix)
3. Satl & Malaky - The One
4. Minos ft. Cardia - Mine
5. Polaris - The Light In Your Eyes VIP

Side 2:

1. Rafau Etamski - Feel Me
2. Polaris - Distant
3. BCee - Surfacing feat. Lucy Kitchen
4. Rafau Etamski - Feel Me
5. LSB - About Tonight

- Due to german copyright laws, I'm not directly linking to the website where you can find all those tracks.
- The photo was taken near Rauland, Telemark og Vestfold, Norway, around here:

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did this tape ever exist prior in an assembled mix form?
if not, interesting concept on providing pre-formatted track assemblages for mixing.
and even if so, still an interesting concept.
No, I assembled the mix by myself after hearing the tracks.

Usually I use cmus to arrange tracks to fit on each side of a cassette. It starts with one cmus playlist that has a few more tracks than the cassette could hold. Then I start to arrange the tracks so that the ambiance between them matches. After that, I check if a subset of the playlist fits on side 1 in a way that most of the tape length is filled with music. If that doesn't work, I rearrange some tracks for side 1. Then I do the same with the tracks for side 2, sometimes going back to rearranging side 1. I create a cmus playlist for each side which is then processed by two shell scripts where the first copies all files from the playlist into the working directory and the second normalises the tracks and converts them into one audio file. I invoke those twice, once for each side. After that, I can record the tape using an MP3 player and a good tape deck.

The scripts I use for converting music for cassettes can be found here:

That repository also contains a script to convert videos for VHS recording.
Just because I find the concept interesting, think I may take a stab at doing a mix using only these given materials as tools.
What I find especially interesting about such a concept is two fold
  • It seems to presume/assume the tracks are mixed in just a fairly straight forward way of just beginning to end. (that is to say, no significant amount of active remixing takes place)
  • There it seems to presume/assume a certain degree of where/when within the tracks the mixes take place.
    Interested in seeing what might occur if one were to stick to the tool set but discard anything about the above to assumptions/presumptions.
If and when I do so, I’ll be sure ping you with links to the end result. At the very least, I think the end result will be both fun and enjoyable even if the results come out a bit wonky for the given tape format. 😀