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Software and hardware projects I'm currently working on


My web browser engine written from scratch since 2011. Currently I'm rewriting the network components for better HTTP request handling. The current state of the rewrite is in the "network-refactorisation1" branch of the source code.

Project page:


Web template rendering in C++ using common template languages like Jinja2. The project just started but you can already replace variables in Jinja2 templates with it. Check out the test1 program in the source code repository for a demonstration.

Project page:


My fork of the SLiM desktop manager. Currently I'm refactorising the code, translating it to modern C++ and making it possible to use schlimm without any configuration file.

Project page:


This is a long-term hardware project where I'm trying to develop circuits and microcontroller code for compact cassette hardware to be able to record and playback digital music from a cassette using modern audio codecs like Speex and Opus. The current task is to find out how to connect GNURadio blocks correctly to input and output data at an acceptable rate using a sound card.

Project page:


This is a collection of tools that help with converting media files for recording compact cassettes and VHS tapes using a computer. The script for compact cassettes handles things like audio normalisation and pitch adjustment for tape recorders that don't record in standard speed. The encode_vhs script compiles all the source video files into one big video file using a Makefile for multitasking. The collection gets new scripts whenever I find a way to automate a part of the media conversion process.

Project page:

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