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Seljordvatn at sunset, Seljord at night

Seljord, Vestfold og Telemark, Norway: After a walk in a mountain, I took this picture of Seljordvatn during sunset. One another night in Seljord, I was able to photograph the lights of the main part of the village. Unfortunately, the lake monster of Seljordvatn didn't show on these days, or I would have taken a picture of it, too.

The photos were taken around here:

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Nordagutu, Norway

This photos were taken in Nordagutu, Vestfold og Telemark, Norway, on an unplanned walk in the woods with a colleague. The original target that we picked when we were standing at the train station was the mountain seen in the first picture. But since the path leading near to it was flooded, we walked on the other side of the village. The pictures were taken in this area:

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Rv38 between Åmot and Dalen, Telemark og Vestfold, Norway

I stopped here because a camper was in front of me driving only 30 km/h the whole time. So I decided to wait a few minutes. It was worth it 😀

The photos were taken in this area:

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