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Friclicli update: moving to C++

I'm currently translating the source code of Friclicli (Friendica CLI client) from C to modern C++. Some code parts have already been rewritten and have been shortened by that due to the use of std::string instead of char arrays. The code translation process happens in the "move-to-cpp" branch to leave the master branch of the friclicli repository in a usable state.

At the moment there are linking errors because of undefined functions or functions whose definitions have been converted to class methods. It will take some time until the translation process has finished and I can continue to add new functionality to friclicli.

The source code repository is at codeberg:

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I'm creating tasks on Codeberg for the C++ translation. The tasks are all placed under the following milestone so that you can view the progress:


Now that I have a Friendica account again, I also have a motivation to continue work on friclicli (Friendica CLI client):

Before I continue to implement features, the source code should be converted from C to modern C++ to make it more maintainable.

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Kann dieses Computerzeugs nicht einfach funktionieren?

Ja, kann es: Die neue eigene Friendica-Instanz läuft einfach 😀


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Hey, du hast das # vergessen ;) auch wenn es nur eine neue Instanz ist 😀
Naja, die Instanz ist #, aber ich bin #.