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Which application layer protocols besides HTTP(S) would you like to see in a web browser?

Since the refactorisation of the network stack of MoeNavigaterEngine is coming to an end, it is more easy now to add other protocols. The question is: Which protocols besides HTTP(S) can be useful in a web browser? Which would you suggest?

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Interested in a "tagged bookmark cloud" web application?

Are you interested in a simple web application that lets you share tagged interesting links with the world? The software could be hosted on your own web server once the source code is released.

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Which web template languages would you like to use in C++?

I'm implementing basic Jinja2 and ERB support into libcuwte (C++ unified web template engine). Which other web template languages do you think might be useful in C++?

libcuwte repository:

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Coding during corona - suggestions for projects?

I want to continue writing software in my spare time during the corona crisis. But which project is the most important or most valuable under the current circumstances so that I should focus on it?

There is a list of my active projects I made a few days ago:

There are some more projects I started:

Besides my personal projects, I'm open for suggestions regarding the support of other free software (FLOSS) projects by programming for them. Projects written in C++ or PHP, without the requirement of signing up on non-free platforms to be able to contribute, are preferred.

What do you suggest?

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GNURadio beginner modem question

I'm trying to get started with GNURadio usind GNURadio companion. The problem is that I don't get a simple modulation/demodulation working. All I receive after the demodulation are bytes with a value of zero. How can I receive the data I encoded?

This is the setup:

I have selected the parts using trial and error: If I couldn't figure out how to configure part X, I used part Y instead.

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